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Paul Lewis Therapeutic Massage Services is a Mississauga South Excellence Award winner. Book a massage appointment with the Paul Lewis team today.

Mississauga South Service Excellence Award Winner

Welcome to the site.  We are a multidisciplinary clinic offering services in  Therapeutic Massage, Physiotherapy, Chiropodist, Lymphedema, Reiki, and Naturopath.  At our clinic, we want to provide the best experience for you. To better the experience of our clients, our goal is to create an accessible and comfortable environment for able-body and non-able-body individuals.
We are by appointment only, Flexible hours, we accept credit cards and extended health insurance. The clinic is equipped with up-to-date technology, electric tables, chairlift, Ultrasound machines. We also offer a variety of advanced workshops and much more…contact us.
Paul Lewis and his team have been recognized with the Star of Mississauga South Award.
A local achievement that highlights his community’s service.as a successful small business owner.

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We've taken extraordinary measures to ensure your safety and comfort.

Our clinic space is design for air quality, infection control, and most importantly your comfort. We have hand sanitizer stations, no-touch doors (wave door openers) that have sensors that open the doors from both inside and outside.

We use Radiator heating so there is no forced air mixture in any of the clinic spaces. Each room is equipped with Mitsubishi heat exchangers for localized personal temperature regulation. Additionally, we have dehumidifiers with enzyme filters that remove allergens and odors.

For your listening comfort, we have volume controls for sound regulation and enjoyment.

Although not mandatory, we have available a non-evasive smart temperature taker which can even detect if you are not wearing a mask.



& Events

Advanced Upper Body Treatment Using Dynamic Angular Petrissage (DAP)

Dynamic Angular Petrissage(DAP) treatment technique’s intent is to gradually release any constrictions on the fascia, muscles and connective tissues without engaging the stretch reflex (protective contraction), and to thereby interrupt the deleterious cycle of pain, fear of pain, and physical guarding against anticipated pain.

Comprehensive Approach to In-Chair Massage with Advanced Body Mechanics

This comprehensive workshop will be taught primarily through hands-on skills in conjunction with demonstrations and explanations. The in-chair massage hands-on workshop prepares therapists for performing a safe and effective therapeutic in-chair massage on a client in accordance with the highest standards of therapeutic massage practices.

Clinical/Orthopedic Assessment for the Upper Body part 1

Our Clinical/Orthopedic Assessment for the Body course is designed for intermediate to advanced therapists and provides additional skills and base assessment tools to allow you to successfully determine, through the process of elimination, reasoning, and rule-outs, the sources of your client’s pain and/or dysfunction.

Post Surgical Treatment of Mastectomy & Implant Patients

The aim of this workshop is to bring together learned assessment and techniques to address post-surgical issues such as restricted range of motion, scar work, and TOS.

Upper body treatment techniques with a focus on engagement techniques using Dynamic Angular Petrissage (DAP) will also be introduced.

Health and How-to Videos On Demand

Watch more health and how-to videos on our YouTube channel. Subscribe for regular updates.

Paul Lewis Therapeutical at a Glance

The founder Paul Lewis is a Registered Massage Therapist, Combined Decongestive Therapist (ADP Authorized), and Reflexologist.  His colleagues are also registered in their fields of expertise.  We are by appointment only, Flexible hours and we do make house calls. Send us or send an email if you have questions. Yes, we do accept credit cards and in addition, we try to process extended Health Insurance. We offer a variety of advanced workshops see Events. The clinic is equipped with electric tables, a chairlift, ultrasound machines, and up-to-date technology. We also have a variety of items in our store including Gift Certificates, Topical pain relief and DVDs.


  • Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)
    Graduate of Sutherland-Chan Massage School and Teaching Massage Clinic in Toronto.
  • Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT), ADP Authorized 
    Graduate of Toronto Lymphocare Centre. Integrative Lymph Drainage in Combined Decongestive Therapy.
  • Certified Reflexology healthcare provider
    Graduate of Footsteps School of Reflexology
  • International presenter/Certified Group Fitness, Aqua & Yoga Instructor
    Paul has presented workshops and instructed fitness classes in Japan, USA, Europe and Canada
  • Aikido (Black belt)
    He has lived in Japan for 8 years where he achieved his black belt in Aikido (Japanese Martial arts).

Therapeutic Services

Services offered at the clinic are: Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Naturopath, Tai Massage, Physiotherapy and Chiropodist. Yes, we are open and currently giving treatments.

Whether or not the treatment is a corporate setting or clinic setting, our focus is on treating the cause, not just the symptoms.
Therapeutic Massage is the treatment of muscles, connective tissue, joints, ligaments, and tendons with the intention of addressing your specific needs. The therapeutic treatment can be administered in a sitting (in-chair/chair massage) or prone (table massage) position.
Therapy may also include the use of hydrotherapy, stretching, and strengthening in order to maintain and/or improve your overall health and well-being.

What is Dynamic Angular Petrissage (DAP) Technique?

Treatment for: Post-surgical pain syndrome(PSPS), Cording/Webbing, Lymphedema treatments, and other ailments stemming from mastectomy surgery.

Post Mastectomy Care is an advanced treatment technique used to help with restricted range of motion and pain stemming from post-mastectomy/ post-surgery, focusing on minimizing rehabilitation time.

Case Report: Post-Surgery Treatment For Breast Cancer

We Offer a Variety of Products

Bath Salts, Gift Certificates, Educational DVDs and More

What you do in your own home, on your own time, is equally important as what we do for you, in our clinic.

Explore our shop and give yourself, or a loved one, the gift of comfort and wellness.

Products are available at the clinic or online and can be shipped directly to your door.

Paul Lewis Services is fully equipped for Outcalls

*All treatments are kept in confidence for client privacy*

Reasons why people request outcalls:

  • Too busy to make it into one of the clinic locations.
  • Mobility restrictions that require an in-home visit.
  • Circumstances do not allow you to make an appointment during regular business hours.
  • Some professions such as Doctors, Actors, and models are required to be on-location; therefore, treatments can be performed at your home, or on-location during filming.
  • You have a sporting event that requires post-game or pre-game massages.
  • You have a professional development day and would like the staff members to experience a 10-15 minute in-chair massage.

Fees for Outcalls are determined by the length of time requested, location, and the number of people to be treated.

Check with the specific therapist for availability.

View Fee Schedule.

Community Fundraising and Events

We at Paul Lewis Services are strong advocates for giving back to the community and making treatments accessible to all persons regardless of mobility or economic differences.

If you have an event or function please contact us. We may be able to contribute in one form or another.

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We take great pride in providing exceptional service and more importantly solutions to what ails and pains you.
Please read our reviews or add one of your own. We value the input and welcome suggestions for improvement.

Helpful Tips

In this section, you will find stretches and suggestions to help with mobility. Please don’t hesitate to contact if you have inquiries. email or call us 24/7 at 906-615-0366 clinic.

  • In-Chair Massage

  • Therapeutic Massage

  • Post Surgical – DAP

  • Lymphedema – CDT

  • Mobile Services

  • Naturopath

  • Chiropodist

  • Physiotherapy

Gift Certificates

Online Courses


Motion Medicine Bath Salts

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Why Choose Us

Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)


Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT), ADP Authorized



Certified Reflexology healthcare provider

Certified Yoga Instructor, CanFitPro Certified Fitness Instructor

Integrated Lymph Drainage

What Our Customers Say

Lauralee — St Amant

  Your bio states, “first & foremost an educator” and I totally agree you are! I just watched your Instructional In-Chair Massage and am very impressed with your knowledge, the way you speak & present, and also watching you in action, clearly demonstrating the techniques you explained as well as your impressive posture. Thank You!

Hannah — UK

  Personally, I believe you’ve saved my career Paul! The 1st course I did with you opened my eyes to the fact that I’d got into such bad habits regarding my posture and “body mechanics” I’m now much more aware and have much less pain in my right wrist (which used to be a real problem if I did more than 1 massage in a day!) each course I’ve done with you has helped me cement those better habits just that little bit more… Although I don’t feel like I’m totally there yet so please come again!

Debbie — Student

  Paul is a wonderful healer and speaker. He has inspired me to move further forward on my journey both professionally and personally. Thanks for that Paul!