Dynamic Angular Petrissage as Treatment for Axillary Web Syndrome Occurring after Surgery for Breast Cancer: a Case Report Paul A. Lewis, BA, RMT, CDT, Joan E. Cunningham, PhD

International Journal of Massage and Body Work, Vol 9, No 2 (2016) Abstract Background: In the context of breast cancer, axillary web syndrome (AWS), also called lymphatic cording, typically presents in the weeks after axillary surgery. This painful condition, likely lymphofibrotic in origin, restricts upper extremity range of motion (ROM). There is no established treatment, […]

Incorporating Seated Massage Into Your Practice…

Incorporating Seated Massage Into Your Practice..2015 Is the massage chair only beneficial to achieve relaxation and not rehabilitation? To answer this question, perhaps we need to ask ourselves if there are any additional uses for this modality other than at the corporate office. Read More

Massage & Post Surgical Mastectomy…Axillary Web syndrome

Post-surgical mastectomy patients can experience a wide variety of issues— either singularly or in combination—including pain, altered sensation in the hands or surgical site, restricted range of motion or even secondary lymphedema. read more….

Winning case report describes novel approach to post-operative axillary web syndrome

Registered Massage Therapist Paul Lewis has teamed up with Dr. Joan Cunningham to create a case report describing the use of Dynamic Angular Petrissage (DAP) for lymphatic cording in the axillary web after breast cancer surgery.  read more

Massage therapist invited to speak at GBS/CIDP Conference

Paul Lewis, RMT, spoke about massage therapy (MT) as a complimentary treatment managing discomfort and pain in joints, muscles hands and feet before during and after the rehabilitation process in patients with Guillan-Barre syndrome (GBS) at the GNS/CIPD Foundation Canadian National Conference,more…

Prevention of elder abuse: Seniors party at St. Luke’s church

MISSISSAUGA — There was an exclusive party this afternoon at St. Luke’s Anglican Church in Lakeview. To snag an invitation, you had to be a senior.About 100 people packed the Dixie Rd. church for lunch, live entertainment, games and a chance to peruse goods and services targeted at the seniors demographic.The event was organized by […]