Post Surgical Treatment of Mastectomy & Implants

This workshop will be taught with lecture and demonstrations. The aim is to bring together learned assessment and techniques to address post surgical issues- such as restricted range of motion, scar work and TOS. Upper body treatment techniques with a focus on engagement techniques using Dynamic Angular Petrissage (DAP) will be introduced. Topics discussed and techniques demonstrated include:Client comfort and care, assessment techniques, use of hydrotherapy, segmental stretching, Myofascial treatment techniques, self-care, Joint Mobilizations and draping for client comfort.

A case study will be used to look at the client symptoms in order to support the clinical reasoning and rational for the techniques and modalities utilized. Therapists will learn and practice body mechanics to reduce stress on the therapist. In addition self-care exercises will be covered for ongoing client treatment and recovery. An overview of Breast massage techniques and scar treatment will be discussed and demonstrated.

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