Comprehensive Approach to In-Chair Massage with Advanced Body Mechanics

This comprehensive workshop will be taught primarily through hands-on skills in conjunction with demonstrations and explanations.

This hands-on workshop prepares therapists for performing a safe and effective therapeutic in-chair massage on a client according to the highest standards of practice. You will learn and practice basic and advanced in-chair massage techniques incorporating modified Swedish techniques. This will include assessment tips and discussion of other modality use such as Joint mobilizations. You will learn strategies for land marking and assessment over-the-clothing. Instruction emphasizes proper biomechanics for chair massage transferable to the table or other activities. Therapists will be introduced t o, and practice warm-up and grounding exercises that will prepare them to safely apply learned skills, resulting in reduced stress on the body.

A practical review of the skeletal and muscular anatomy of the back, shoulder girdle, and cervical areas will be given. As well, therapists will practice and learn about the workings of the massage chair including how to properly adjust it for comfort, its maintenance, limitations and repair. Therapists will learn strategies for integrating in-chair massage into their existing practice and about determining when the benefits of using in-chair massage outweigh table massage.

By the end of the course, it is expected that participants will be able use the chair to augment their current practice and to perform a 10 and 15 minute advance routine for corporate use

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