In-Chair Massage Instructional DVD featuring Paul Lewis RMT

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Winner of 2 Telly awards! Runtime: 58 minutes. Available in 7 languages (English, French, Japanese, German, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin).

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This informative and instructional hands-on DVD prepares you for performing a safe and effective in-chair massage on a client in a seated position. At your leisure, you will be able to learn, review, and practice:

  • basic and advanced in-chair massage techniques incorporating modified Swedish techniques
  • learn over-the-clothing assessment and the importance of proper biomechanics when treating
  • warm-up and grounding exercises that will help to prepare you to safely apply learned skills, resulting in reduced stress on the body
  • alternative uses and strategies for integrating in-chair massage into your existing practice
  • Included is a step by step demonstration on how to properly adjust the chair for comfort,chair maintenance, limitations and how to repair it.
  • By the end of the DVD, it is expected that you will be able to perform a 10 minute basic and a 15 minute advance routine which integrates the teachings of this DVD.
  • Earn CAT. A CEUs 0.5 for viewing the DVD.



Wonderful. This DVD clearly demonstrates very practical and useful techniques. The alternative positioning for the client and the body mechanics for the therapist was most enlightening!
— Susan B., BA, RMT, HMS (Toronto, Canada)

The content is rich, concise and clear. It gives a global picture of chair massage practice. The techniques are numerous and well demonstrated as well as other aspects of the practice that are very important but often forgotten, “laissées pour compte”, the biomechanics and grounding exercises for the therapist. Very good tool, handy and user friendly
— Johanne, RMT (Montreal, Canada)

Your DVD is very clear, easy to follow along. I also like that you listed all the different Basic/Advanced techniques while explaining what you are doing. I’ve noticed that you were able to use different holistic techniques with the in-chair massage treatments.
— Anne (Thunder Bay, Canada)

Excellent DVD lots of advance techniques to incorporate into my treatments.
— Noriko (Wakayama, Japan)

This is a great DVD for anyone interested in adding massage techniques to their healing practice.
— Sonja , Reiki Master, RT-CRA (Toronto, Canada)


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