29 Aug 2011

Supporting the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

Thanks to the following for their support.

Helping to get the job done:

Media Sponsors:

The biggest charity cycling event in the world on behalf of children with cancer. Starting on Canada’s west coast, and finishing on Canada’s east coast, the event is an epic journey of over 7,000 km. National cyclists bike from coast to coast along a well-planned route, joined by thousands of local community cyclists for shorter regional and local rides. The route visits most of Canada’s 17 pediatric cancer centres the event supports through its fundraising efforts. The event has raised more than $2.5 million in the last two years.

This 16-day adventure, starts in Vancouver, BC on September 7th, 2011 and ends in Halifax, NS on September 22nd, 2011. The route will be ridden by National Riders and Relay Riders. The National Riders will have the opportunity of visiting many of Canada’s 17 childhood pediatric centres that receive fundraising support from this event. Meeting the children and families who are directly impacted by their efforts is bound to ignite or rekindle each and every rider’s passion for this cause.

Sports/Therapeutic Massage

The Sears National Kids Cancer Ride requires a variety of volunteers from the medical and technical field. Paul Lewis, a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), is a volunteer who is committed to participating in the 16 day event. He will be flying out to Vancouver from Toronto to start the event with the participants. His main duties will be to give sports/therapeutic massages to The National Riders who will be required to ride about 200-250 km per day and to lead and assist them with mobility through stretching exercises which will be invaluable over the course of the 7,000 km ride. In addition, he will be following right behind the riders in a RV or Motorhome accompanying the team on their journey. With a background in sports fitness and his dedication to health and wellness, his physical and emotional support to the National Riders throughout this 16-day adventure will be second to none.

Other Fundraising Efforts:

Some of the other charities and Events that Paul has donated his time and skills to support the participants…

Supporting My Efforts:

Over the years I have tried to find a balance between treating clients, promoting therapeutic massage through workshops, lectures and donating time to community events and charities. Finding a balance has not been easy but I would like to say that without the generous contribution of colleagues and these supporting companies, I would probably would not have been able to do as much as I do.

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