Clinical/Orthopedic Assessment for the Upper Body part 1

Clinical/Orthopedic Assessment for the Upper Body part 1

Course summary
This course will provide you the skills and base assessment tools to allow you to successfully determine sources of your clients pain and/or dysfunction.Participation and completion of this workshop will allow you to return to your practice with the confidence to assess your clients and determine the sources of their pain and/or dysfunction. You will be taught technical skills of physical assessment and how to apply them in a logical and thorough manner.Successful physical assessment leads to effective and thorough treatment planning, resolution of your clients pain and/or dysfunction leading to happy, healthy clients and a thriving practice! Focus will be on the Cervical, Shoulder, Elbow and wrist, Neurological tests and Thorasic Outlet Syndrome. We will focus on selected test along with structure related muscle tests.

Learning objective
At the end of the course the learner will have: -Demonstrate proficiency in Accessing specific body structures
-Activating and determining the sources of the issues -Demonstrate the ability to apply the concepts learned to determine treatment plan -Reliably demonstrate the ability to determine through reasoning which structures to address

Course structure / running order
Overview of articulating joints of the upper body, Guidelines for clinical assessment ,Base Physical assessment techniques for selected structures,Selected structural muscle tests ,Upper Limb Neurological Testing ,Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Testing

Summarized booklet will be provided

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